Visit to Bolgheri’s wine museum

History and curiosities about Tuscany’s wine-producing culture

A visit to the MUSEM, Bolgheri’s wine museum

A journey to discover the great Tuscan labels

Bolgheri, a well-known wine-producing area of Tuscany, celebrates its traditions at the MUSEM, (Sensorial and Multimedial Wine Museum).

A two-storey building, over 1,500 square meters (4,900 square feet), where history and culture are accompanied by tasting and shopping.

Technology and tradition to discover the history of wine

A visual, olfactory and sensorial experience, thanks to the use of technology and holograms that illustrate the wine-producing tradition from the Etruscan civilization to modern days. A sequence of rooms where the visitors will be surrounded by history and discover the cultivation techniques and methods used in the past.   

The museum and the tasting of wines from Bolgheri’s area and other local products

The experience at Bolgheri’s Sensorial and Multimedial Wine Museum can be scheduled at the Palace Ludo Hotel & Suites. Get in touch with us to get more information.